Welcome to the Members’ Portal

For members of the IIPA who have previously signed up on the web: Click on this link: Member’s Portal - to enter your personal web portal where you can access your financial records, pay your dues, and make changes to your personal information.

For new members: Click on this link: New Members Registration - to create your own personal web portal and to pay your dues.

Some things to know about membership in the IIPA and our policies for members who are in advanced training:

Benefits of Membership:

  • Members have access to the IIPA blog, “The Integrator,” where we share ideas in clinical practice and theory; provide members’ the latest information about our conferences, workshops, books, etc.; discuss personal and professional issues in clinical practice. We have made the blog available to members only in order to provide a safe, confidential area for us to connect with one another.
  • Members get discounts to our bi-annual conferences.
  • Annual membership is needed in order to maintain an “active” status in the IIPA as a
    Certified Member or Supervisor/Trainer, and in order to participate in advanced trainings and evaluations at our biannual conferences.
  • Membership in IIPA helps support an organization that endeavors to represent,
    maintain and promote the theory and philosophy of Integrative Relational Psychotherapy throughout the world. Your dues help support:

    • our bi-annual international conferences with enriching and educational
      workshops and social events.
    • our blog, “The Integrator.”
    • our “International Journal of Integrative Psychotherapy” where we publish
      widely circulated articles on the theory and practice of integrative psychotherapy, and other articles on the forefront of psychotherapy practice and education.
    • the general running and maintenance of our organization. Please know that
      no one is making any profit from the collecting or annual dues.

Paying annual dues:

Dues are payable on January 1st of each year. After March 1st of each year, there will be a late fee of 25 euros.
The current dues – for 2017 are:

Regular Member: 65 euros

Certified Member: 100 euros

Trainer/Supervisor: 135 euros.

Retired Members: 50 euros

No late fees will be applied this year 2017 as a consequence of the system changes

To pay your dues, simply enter your personal Membership Portal (or for new members, create your own Membership Portal), and then click on “Pay Dues.” Make sure to click on the box that represents your appropriate level of membership.

We greatly appreciate your support and participation!!

Policies Regarding the Non-Payment of Dues:

To maintain the quality and professional integrity of the organization, which includes covering our expenses to run conferences, and to maintain the website, blog and IIPA Journal, the following are the policies around the non-payment of dues:

Dues are required to be paid each year and be current. Dues not paid each year will result in:

  • A 25 euro late fee after March 1st of the calendar year and the temporary suspension of active membership status until dues are paid.
  • Temporary removal from access to “The Integrator” until dues are current.
  • For advanced members, a temporary “inactive” status as an IIPA Certified Psychotherapist/Counsellor or Certified Trainer/Supervisor until dues are current.
  • Only members who have paid dues each year will be eligible for conference discounts. (In other words, current members who only pay their annual dues for the year of a conference will not be eligible for the conference discounts.)
  • Very important for advanced members: After three years of non-payment of dues, members who are IIPA Certified Psychotherapists/Counsellors or IIPA Certified Trainers/Supervisors will be required to sit for a re-evaluation in order to have their certification be reinstated.

We are and will always remain a relationship-oriented organization. Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, recommendations or concerns.

For questions concerning Membership, please contact Rachel Hudson at: membership@integrativeassociation.com

For questions concerning payments, please contact our Treasurer, Thierry Clugery, at: tclugery@psycholehavre.net

For other questions, please click the link on the Home Page for “Contact Information” for the appropriate person to help you.

We welcome you, our colleagues and friends!