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March 21th-23rd, 2019
Montpellier (France) – Corum

This 9th International Conference will present the philosophy, theories, and methods of a Developmentally Based, Relationally Focused, Integrative Psychotherapy as conceived by Richard G. Erskine, PhD and Associates of the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy, founded in New York City in 1976. In this conference we will explore both the centrality of a healing therapeutic relationship and the art and science of facilitating our client’s internal integration of affect, physiology, cognition, and behaviour. This conference will include a variety of theoretical presentations, demonstrations of various therapeutic methods, case discussions of therapeutic work with actual clients, and an exploration of the philosophies and ethics of Integrative Psychotherapy.

The International Integrative Psychotherapy Association (IIPA) is an organization dedicated to developing and teaching the theories and methods of an Integrative Psychotherapy. We seek to develop competent practitioners of relational integrative psychotherapy at all levels and to challenging the experienced practitioner in the pursuit of professional excellence and personal development.