Conference Program, March 2019

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Conference Program, March 2019

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Dear Colleagues: I am excited that we are receiving interesting proposals for the next IIPA conference in Montpelier, France , March 21,22,& 23, 2019. The program is about 1/2 full. This year, to save a lot of time and energy, we have decided to accept proposals not only by their potential interest, reflection of the theme of the conference, and past reviews by attendees. ....we are also assessing them in weekly batches. So if you are still interested in presenting please send me your proposals now.

To stimulate your interest in the conference I am posting bellow two examples of what you may attend.
Enjoy your weekend.


Warmly, Richard


>>> see below

“Attunement  and Involvement in the Psychotherapy of Cumulative Neglect"
Catherine Coulon (France)
This workshop will include a case presentation that illustrates the effect of cumulative neglect in childhood and the importance of respect in psychotherapy. We will focus on the philosophical principals and ethics of Integrative Psychotherapy. I will demonstrate how I used involvement, harmony, and presence with my patient to create a secure and reliable relationship.
Our therapeutic context allowed her to rediscover the memory of the traumatic events of her childhood and integrate them in a coherent manner that give meaning to the way she shaped her personality.The patient paints pictures and uses them to express the different steps of her psychotherapy . Some of these paintings will then be used in this workshop. 

Catherine COULON is Trainer & Certified Supervisor in Integrative Psychotherapy. She conducts psychotherapy with adults, adolescents and children, individually and in groups,  in  Bourg St Maurice - Savoie (France)  She also practices as a speech therapist and relaxation therapy (sophrologist). She teaches Integrative Psychotherapy at IAT Lille - (ESPRI-AT : Specialized School in Relational and Integrative Psychotherapy - Transactional Analysis)

And also>>.

“Are You An Addict? Soothing Your Addictive Mind, Attuning to Your Open Heart” Carl Nassar (USA)

We’re all addicts of sorts. Whether it’s the external addiction (alcohol, money, busyness) or the internal one (minimization, rationalization, dissocation), we all find ways to keep ourselves distracted. In our distractions, we miss what’s most precious in life: attunement and involvement with ourselves and one another. This is a workshop about the transformation from the addictions of our minds (and lives) to the world of human experience that awakens as we open our hearts. 

Carl Nassar, Ph.D., CIIPTS, is a therapist, trainer, and president of Heart-Centered Counseling, a group practice consisting of 70 therapists and 5 psychiatrists increasing access to mental health care. 

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