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Welcome in France
You are all most welcome to come to our forthcoming Conference in Montpellier next March….
Time flies very very quickly…we already moved beyond the date of the « Early bird » discounts ; in a little more than 4 months everything will have to be ready in order to receive you in Montpellier.
Montpellier is a magnificant city in the south of France, historically the first Faculty of Medecine created in the beginning of the Middle-Ages, a beautiful symbol to receive our international conference in France this time

The entire organisation team is occupied preparing the warmest welcome that can be. In any case, we are really very happy to welcome you, to meet you, to see you , to see you again…

The filled and magnificant programme is concocted by Richard…with several innovations this time :

  • a day of fundamentals course, organised and proposed the day before the conference, on wednesday the 20th of March, which will offer us a beautiful opportunity to review or transmit the fundamentals of IP before the Conference. New persons can be inspired to know more about the marvellous theory that unifies us
  • workshops that offer experiential moments linked to the theory through therapeutic demonstration or supervision
    =>more than 60 workshops are submitted ; each of them demonstrating our investment and involvement in Integrative Psychotherapy.

Of course we reserve some surprises that, we hope, will please you and provide rich, warm and unforgettable experiences of sharing, just as we could live in the previous conferences .
We count on you and your presence in order to create once more these nourishing moments, at a point that we will want to save them in our heads and our hearts
That is the purpose of the entire,involved french organisation. BUT we can’t do that  without you. We will cocreate together links and relationships and we will continue to build accross the frontiers from heart to heart.
I have the profound hope that this conference will make us grow professionally, humanly and fraternally.

Please, do not forget to register
See you very soon

Christine Huillier and the French Conference team


(Lily Wessel)

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