Lily Wessel

Lily Wessel

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Hello dear readers, I’m honoured to be the first Member of the Month of 2019!

I am Lily Wessel, living in the south-east of France. I am originally from Holland. I came to live permanently in France in 1984, after many visits and some longer stays.

I certified in 2013 as an International Integrative Psychotherapist and have been in the process of being certified as a Trainer and Supervisor since 2016

I have two practices in Die and Valence-France- as a Psychotherapist. I supervise social workers, and psychotherapists. I have done workshops at the Conferences in Milan, Bucharest in December 2018, and will do one in Montpellier. I am also preparing to train Initiation to IP, Fundamentals and Theme-Workshops in my area, as well as providing Supervision.

I am involved in translating for the blog since the start and helping with the Conference-programs, and I translate now and then when needed.


  • How did you come into this career?

Since I living in France I worked as a home nurse, a very demanding but interesting job. What I most liked was the contact and the relationship with the patients.  Besides doing medical procedures, what I preferred was to talk, and especially in a way that could add or change something in the habitual way of thinking or behaving. Then I could really feel satisfied.

What questioned me was to see how people got into their illnesses, and I very quickly understood that there was a big psychological dimension, as I observed the life-style, relationships with the family, the behaviour, the way of relating to themselves the others and the illness.

So, something started to “itch” me: I could less and less support treating symptoms and adapt to obsessional or avoiding behaviour: I wanted to know about the “back-stage” of the scene.

In 2004 I started to go to University to study Psychopathology.

In that same year I started my own Therapy: and from the first session on I knew: “this is it, I know what I want to do now : I want to become a psychotherapist myself”. But, as I was 47 years old I knew I had to choose well and work hard if I wanted to make a career in that new job.

So I continued by choosing to train in Transactional Analysis.

A year later, in parallel, I had the great privilege to be accepted in a 6 years training-group with Richard Erskine in Integrative Psychotherapy. It became quickly evident that this was the way I imagined to practice: human, respectful, sensitive and delicate. I was passionate about what I learned. And I chose to concentrate on Integrative Psychotherapy. I started my practice after the third year of training in autumn 2008. I gave up my practice as a home-nurse in 2012, after almost thirty years.

  • Name a couple of people who have been influential in your approach to therapy

Of course, Richard Erskine! Also Amaia Mauriz and Annie Dufréney that came to train us. I chose IP supervisors, trainers and psychotherapists to continue to model on IP-spirit: I think about: Helene Cadot, Brigitte Rota, and I name again Annie, who is very special to me as I have known her for a long time and am still working with her. But I want to mention the enormous influence and power I lived in all the group sessions under exceptional leadership.  Sharing with my colleagues what we lived in those groups was experienced from inside, integrated what therapy is about. So, I feel very grateful to my colleagues with whom I went along on that path and who were and still are so important to me. I want to name my colleagues from my FTW-group who are so dear to my heart: Thierry Clugery, Valerie Perret, Maryse Chabrol, Olga Chiappini and with whom I share growing in order to transmit Integrative psychotherapy.

The International dimension of our Community, through the conferences even widen the sharing of the IP-spirit: here I want to name Debbie Campden, John Hallet, and Lindsay Stewart, my Canadian Supervisor!


  • How IIPA training has changed you as a person?

As I started Training almost at the same time as my own Psychotherapy, it has been a fabulous, but also often a painful adventure to “understand: and “live from inside”. More and more sides of myself in more and deeper details came to my awareness, throughout the years, made me understand my way of being in contact and relationship with myself, as well as others, in this world. Only since last summer I feel I have reached another stage: a stability in feeling happy, strong and full of love, an ability to choose for what is best for me. I enjoy very much my job, and relating with people in general. Luckily, this process is never-ending, because each client that sits in front of me is unique, and makes me experience and work on new sides of myself in that unique relationship

° Tell me one thing most people wouldnt know about you

That I am passionate about IP, my family, music and dancing, walking in nature and beautiful places wherever, and that I love sharing with friends.  I could summarize it by “sharing intimately” as I do in the IP world as well.





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MD, CIIPTS, PTSTA, UKCP reg psychotherapist with a private practice in South West London

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