Congratulations, Joshua & Carol

//Congratulations, Joshua & Carol

Congratulations, Joshua & Carol

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Congratulations, Dear Joshua:
You have been a wonderful president of IIPA for 8 years !
On behalf of the members of IIPA I want to express both my own and our total membership’s appreciation for your availability, dedication, and hard work.
You have made our Association a welcoming and healthy place for people from many countries to learn and refine their psychotherapy skills. You are a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Joshua, for an excellent job.

Congratulations, Dear Carol:
Your will make a great president of IIPA. I am so happy you are willing to do this important job. I trust you. I believe in you. And I am certain that you will strengthen IIPA in your own unique ways.  I loved your keynote speech and look forward to your words of wisdom as guide our Association for over the next few years.

I send both of you, Carol and Joshua, my support and affection !
Caringly, Richard

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