Mar Gómez Masana from Spain

//Mar Gómez Masana from Spain

Mar Gómez Masana from Spain

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I am Mar Gómez Masana, I live and in Barcelona, and I work ​​as a Clinical psychologist and psychotherapisT

I develop my professional activity in Areté psychology-psychotherapy, private practice, attending adults in individual, couple psychotherapy and, as a group psychotherapist within the model of Relational Integrative Psychotherapy. I have been working since 1989.

As a teacher, I,ve worked with various professional groups providing psychological training and psychotherapy training for postgraduates in Psychology.

My professional background is in the framework of Humanist Psychotherapies, based on the models of Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Focusing and Relational Integrative Psychotherapy.

Also, in Family Constellations, EMDR and Brainspotting

Accredited as a psychotherapist by the Spanish Federation of Psychotherapy Associations (FEAP). Ceriticated as an expert in Psychotherapy, EuroPsy, by the European Federation of Psychologists' Association (EFPA). Integrative Psychotherapist (Vichy, 2011), teacher and supervisor accredited by the International Association of Integrative Psychotherapy (IIPA), last March in Montpellier.

Member of the Board of Directors of Psychotherapy Magazine.

Member of the Association of Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy (APIH), of the Catalan Association of Transactional Analysis (ACAT), of the International Association of Integrative Psychotherapy (IIPA) and of the Association of Professionals of Humanistic Psychology and Transactional Analysis (APPHAT). Member of the Working Group of Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy, in the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia.


How did you get to this grade?

I'm interested in people,  discover why we interact, act, think, feel in a certain way ... My curiosity to understand and understand us each other.

I started psychology studies, I wanted to be a psychotherapist. At University I learned psychology, I did the clinical speciality but, neither the bachelor's degree nor the specialty, taught me how to do psychotherapy. I started a research and contacted private institutes and associations, constituted as knowledge groups, which offered the training and personal work that seemed essential to me for my  practice as a psychotherapist, and then,I started learning psychotherapy.

In 2005 I contacted Integrative Psychotherapy, I was passionated by the proposal. I had found what I had been looking for for a while ... I sensed it and then I noticed it , both in my clients and in my personal process, that the presence, involvement, inquiry and attunement in the contact of the therapeutic relationship is a unique way of support the healing process.


What is the most valuable aspect of being a therapist?

For me, being a psychotherapist has to do with humanity itself and with the meaning of life.

My task as a psychotherapist is a learning that makes me more person, committed to consistency, coherence, health and growth from relationships. I feel identified with the values ​​and philosophical principles of Humanist Psychology and Integrative Psychotherapy.

It is an honor to have the opportunity to accompany people who attend psychotherapy in different sections of their life path. Unique people in their vulnerability, in their experience, in their illusions...

In that psychotherapeutic encounter something magical, unique and healing happens, a mutual learning that goes beyond the encounter ...has a social and community and social meaning.


How has the IIPA training as a person changed you?

It,s still a challenge. It leads me to feel more secure, more consistent, clearer, more proper, more connected to me and in my relationships ... Being seen, noticing the confidence of others in me,like that I can...

It also connects me with hope, vitality, joy and allows me to better support the blows of life ... And that is what I aspire ,to be able to offer people I accompany ... I am still in the process ...

I am very grateful to Richard Erskine, Amaia Mauriz, and to my colleagues in the professional development group, with whom we have shared so much and so much, and also to the IIPA community.

I have found my place, from the feeling that I am part, that I belong to this community with which I identify myself and feel at home.


Tell us one thing that most people would not know about you

I need and enjoy nature and beauty. I need contact with the sea, its light, its smell, its sound ... I enjoy in good company, with my family, friends and colleagues, especially with time ahead, the pleasure of being without watch.

And also, that I feel deeply mediterranean.



 Maybe because my childhood       

Keep playing on your beach          

And hidden behind the reeds        

Sleep my first love                           

I carry your light and your smell   

Wherever I go                                  

And piled up in your sand              

I keep love, games and sorrows    

I, that in my skin I have the taste

Bitter of the eternal cry                  

That they have poured into you a hundred towns

From Algeciras to Istanbul             

To paint blue                                     

His long winter nights                     

A force of misadventures               

Your soul is deep and dark            

To your red sunsets                       

My eyes got used                        

As I bend to the road ...


Fragment of "Mediterranean" by Joan Manuel Serrat


 Translation: Ana Molto

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MD, CIIPTS, PTSTA, UKCP reg psychotherapist with a private practice in South West London

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