Şafak Ebru Toksoy from Turkey

//Şafak Ebru Toksoy from Turkey

Şafak Ebru Toksoy from Turkey

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I am a Certified International Integrative Psychotherapist Under Tutorship Trainer and Supervisor. I have 27 years of experience in the field of mental health, 18 of which primarily involved in psychological trauma and its rehabilitation. I am currently completing my doctorate in Psychological Traumas in Turkey. I work as a psychotherapist for Kocaeli University, Health Sciences Institution, Trauma and Disaster Unit and have my private practice in Istanbul.  I am developing a PhD thesis on Relational Needs.

Seventeen years ago I attended Richard Erskine's seminar in Istanbul, Turkey and this was an important  milestone in my psychotherapy career. During that seminar Richard did a piece of therapy and spoke about the theory of integration. The methodology affected me very much ! It was very creative, deep and effective.  Then I had to wait untill 2013 when Richard returned to Turkey and I started the Integrative Psychotherapy training with him.

I have started teaching Integrative Psychotherapy in Istanbul in 2019. My training group consists of psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists from different cities in Turkey. That has been a great experience for me!  I am running this training together with Christian Boisson, CIIPTS from France and Richard Erskine. Working with both of them has been inspiring, challenging and a big pleasure for me!

In my opinion, the most valuable aspect of being a therapist is to help people heal from their psychological wounds and injuries. Integrative Psychotherapy tought me that how those injuries can be healed in a relationship. And today I know that a healing relationship is a co-creation. After Integrative Psychotherapy, I started to understand my clients through my feelings. That makes me creative, spontaneous and intimate as a psychotherapist,  which is what I bring in order to help them. I feel that I am contributing to my clients to recognize their difficulties, to find alternatives for their life and to feel completed.

I'm interested in ecological agriculture (permaculture) in addition to academic studies and psychotherapy.

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