VE Day – 75 years A Reflective Poem

///VE Day – 75 years A Reflective Poem

VE Day – 75 years A Reflective Poem

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(The words for translation so everyone can access)

A poem I’ve written reflecting on VE Day

VE Day - 75 Years

VE Day today
Remembering a war
Where millions were killed
When they left their own shores

They fought an enemy who used guns and bombs
Killing so many soldiers
And destroying their homes

To defeat a Dictator
Destroying the world
To indoctrinate his ideology
That was insanely absurd

Our allies united against a common foe
Stood shoulder to shoulder
When their spirits were low

Women worked in the fields
The Land Army fed the nation
They worked in munitions
Without any hesitation

Mum’s looked after their children
They used the food that they had
It was the smallest acts of kindness
That made them feel glad

Glad to be alive as they hid in their shelters
Huddled together till the ‘all clear’ came
They then carried on and went back to their homes
Till the sirens were sounded
All over again

Their windows were blacked out
Their gas masks were handy
Barbed wire on the beaches
That were once so sandy

The sirens went off as the enemy planes
Made bomb-drops over houses
That went up in flames

The world pulled together
Because they had no choice
They had to fight for our future
So we could have a voice

Cut off from their families
And sent far away
Away from big City targets
To find safer places to stay

VE Day came and street parties took over
No more bomb-runs
Over the Cliffs of Dover

People hugged strangers
They never even knew
And they danced and they sang
It was so over due

I grew up after the war
But food was still rationed
And people were still poor
Syrupy orange juice provided free
To build up children just like me!

Our mum’s just had to manage
With whatever they had
They couldn’t ‘panic-buy’
And of that I am glad

They did their own baking
We gathered blackberries for free
My mum cooked apple pies and pasties
And we had them for tea

We didn’t have freezers
That were packed to the top
We didn’t have much money
To go to the shops

But with stealth and being frugle
Life was maintained
With family meals together
To keep us sustained

And now in this lockdown
There’s a sense of deja vu
Fighting a world virus that’s come out-of-the-blue

Our NHS workers have stepped up to the call
As our friends and our family continue to fall

People are dying afraid and alone
And loved ones are isolated
Staying in their own homes

But we’re pulling together
Community spirit has grown
And it’s guiding us back
From the deep, deep unknown

We’re looking out for each other
And taking the time
To talk to our neighbours -
That’s a positive sign

I hope we remember
What’s important in life
As we rebuild together
To overcome this strife

Because United we stand
And divided we fall
Let’s all work together
And honour the call

Let’s honour past generations
And everything they fought for
Let’s never give into this invisible war

And when lockdown is lifted
And the virus contained
Let’s have our street parties
Like VE Day again

Christine Redfern

8th May 2020

About the Author:

I was a teacher for 37 years working in Secondary schools, Pupil Referral Units and for a Behaviour Service for 14 years. In 2012 I became self-employed as a Psychotherapist and work in both Primary and Secondary schools as a therapist working both individually and with groups as well as with adults in Private Practice. I studied and completed a 4 year Masters Degree course at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in Nottingham and finished my studies with a Post Graduate Diploma after not finishing my research having taken a year out for a member of my family who was battling cancer. In 2013 I sang at the International Conference in Grantham for the first time - singing songs I had written mainly for the children I have worked with. Following a request for copies of my songs I recorded a CD called 'Your Life-Making Contact Through Songs' and then in March 2015. With the encouragement of some IIPA members, I published a selection of poems written throughout my own personal therapy and the Masters course called 'Shades of Self - Poetic Integration'. Richard wrote the Foreword for the book and a number of psychotherapists, trainers and supervisors, including Sandra Watson - endorsed my book. In 2015 I sang a new song I had written for the theme of the Conference in Bilbao called 'Crisis, Hope and Celebration'and my songs can be viewed together with some poetry on my You tube account 60Tilley The book and CD can be bought from: in the UK (York Publishing Services) In March 2017 I sang again at the Conference in Milan and look forward to joining the IIPA community again at the next conference in Montpellier in France. Having been in a supervision group, led by Sandra, for the past 2 years, it has been a privilege to be in her group and to learn so much from a fabulous member of the IIPA who has given so much of herself.

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