Presence… An essential element of Relationship

///Presence… An essential element of Relationship

Presence… An essential element of Relationship

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I was involved in a dialogue today about my idea of Presence.
When I use the term "Presence" I am referring to the intense internal awareness of the psychotherapist with his or her own body sensations, affect, thought processes, desires and dislikes; these constitute an acute awareness of Self.

Simultaneously, presence involves a moment-by-moment non-judgemental awareness of what the client is doing, how they are conceptualizing their own experience, the existence or absence of the client's physiological tension, how they process affect, and their style of interpersonal contact; this is all paired with an appreciation that client can become “all that you were meant to be”.

Paradoxically, Presence is about being both centred and decentred, on Self , the other, and our context. This all happens in a fraction for a second as we shuttle between internal and external contact.

Thanks for reading this. I would like to know how you experience and use "Presence".

PS: with this little boy all we both had was "presence".

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  1. Amaia 03/06/2020 at 9:46 am - Reply

    Presence is an interesting concept what seems to work beyond the factual presence of therapist and what seems to me
    specially based in the paradox of being totally there “with” and “for” the client along with the inner awareness in the therapist …somehow this kind of presence allows to the client to be more acutely aware and accepting her or his own feelings, desires, thoughts ..seems that to be aware of our own identity requires someone who is really present and who also accepts her or his own identity .
    It seems to me that otherwise the potency of the presence would be lost..disolved.

    Thank you Richard for talking about presence in times of lack of regular ways of contact and presence.

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