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PhD., Psychologist working in the social field, trainer, CIIC (2017)


My perfect conference attendance ended!

The conference in Milan was the first IIPA conference that I have not attended, and I truly missed seeing everyone. I was unsure about traveling to Europe as I have some significant health problems. As many of you have observed, I have some genetic neurological issues, including attention tremor

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This is a shared reflection emphasizing the importance of team work and relationships.
I have felt overwhelmed by the news about Sandra’s death. Post after post I witnessed the imminent end of her life. The blog became the mean for us to follow such a dramatic and sad event.
As a part of the

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Hello eveyone!!!! Hola a tod@s!

IIPA blog is accessible for all members of our association thanks to the generosity of the volunteer translators

El blog de la IIPA es accesible para todas las personas que componemos la asociación en todo el mundo gracias a la generosa colaboración de las traductoras y traductores voluntarios.

At this

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Deprived for good

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I have known for quite a long time a mature woman who is just in a tremendous shock due to a cruel act from her father (who passed away recently): he has disinherited her, as she has found out from a testament written 13 years ago.
I disliked her father, especially for the

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