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I was a teacher for 37 years working in Secondary schools, Pupil Referral Units and for a Behaviour Service for 14 years. In 2012 I became self-employed as a Psychotherapist and work in both Primary and Secondary schools as a therapist working both individually and with groups as well as with adults in Private Practice. I studied and completed a 4 year Masters Degree course at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in Nottingham and finished my studies with a Post Graduate Diploma after not finishing my research having taken a year out for a member of my family who was battling cancer. In 2013 I sang at the International Conference in Grantham for the first time - singing songs I had written mainly for the children I have worked with. Following a request for copies of my songs I recorded a CD called 'Your Life-Making Contact Through Songs' and then in March 2015. With the encouragement of some IIPA members, I published a selection of poems written throughout my own personal therapy and the Masters course called 'Shades of Self - Poetic Integration'. Richard wrote the Foreword for the book and a number of psychotherapists, trainers and supervisors, including Sandra Watson - endorsed my book. In 2015 I sang a new song I had written for the theme of the Conference in Bilbao called 'Crisis, Hope and Celebration'and my songs can be viewed together with some poetry on my You tube account 60Tilley The book and CD can be bought from: www.ypdbooks.com in the UK (York Publishing Services) In March 2017 I sang again at the Conference in Milan and look forward to joining the IIPA community again at the next conference in Montpellier in France. Having been in a supervision group, led by Sandra, for the past 2 years, it has been a privilege to be in her group and to learn so much from a fabulous member of the IIPA who has given so much of herself.

VE Day – 75 years A Reflective Poem

(The words for translation so everyone can access)

A poem I’ve written reflecting on VE Day

VE Day - 75 Years

VE Day today
Remembering a war
Where millions were killed
When they left their own shores

They fought an enemy who used guns and bombs
Killing so many soldiers
And destroying their homes

To defeat a Dictator
Destroying the world
To indoctrinate his ideology

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A Reflective Poem About Life Right Now

I have written this poem, sharing honest thoughts and feelings, going through the coronavirus pandemic as someone who lives alone, knowing there are many people in the same situation. I also understand that living alone does not preclude everyone else who might identify with what I have written.

My world feels really strange right

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I wish to send my love and support to you all at this very difficult time everywhere with this pandemic.

Last week became personal when I received a phone call to say a cousin of my husband had died on Wednesday morning of the Coronavirus. He was a wonderful teacher I worked with for

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This is a recording of a song from the Nashville series in America, called Sanctuary and the lyrics say so much about the time I spent with Peter during the last month of his life, that I want to share it with you.

Let’s be a sanctuary for each other in times of need.


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