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Can you help my friend in Florence?

Good morning, dear IIPA colleagues,

And Happy Holidays to everyone in the IIPA community. Your presence has been - and continues to be - a true gift in my life.

I have a good friend (Italian and English speaking) who now lives 30 minutes outside of Florance and needs some help through therapy. A wonderful

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Thank you all. Merci a Tous.

Thank you. I have left Montpellier with a full heart. A heart now larger and more open thanks to the love I felt in a thousand small ways: In the kind eyes of a workshop presenter; in the tender words of a colleague; in the warm invitations to lunch and dinner; in the

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Help with Accommodations in Milan?

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Hi everyone,

For a short time, I considered simply sending this as an email, but then I thought to myself… perhaps other people are wondering the same things, so let’s make it a post that the entire community might benefit from...

I am eagerly preparing for my time in Milan, with my flight booked

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Hi everyone,

As I sat down to watch the presidential elections this evening, I’d intended to end the night with a celebratory hug (shared with my wife) and a joyful kiss on the forehead (shared with my sleeping daughter).

Well, as it nears midnight here in Colorado, neither the hug nor the kiss has

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