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John is a founding member of the IIPA and has been a practicing psychologist for 40 years in Vancouver, Canada. He was a Board member from inception until last year. He has presented at every IIPA conference and will be doing so again in Milano.

A history of the Blog and introduction of the new administrators

As I wind down my role as administrator of the Blog, I am reflecting on it’s history. For those of you who are newer to the association, the forerunner of the Blog was the Process Journal which was operated through Yahoo and administered by Joan D’Amico. It was a very under-utilized means of

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Certification Candidates Information Meeting, Belton Woods

Dear candidate,

Our next IIPA Conference is going to arrive very soon, and we are going to have the chance to see each other, to talk and to share lots of enriching workshops and presentations!.

And, along with the Conference, is the Evaluation Day for becoming an International Integrative Certified Psychotherapist!.

We, all the Commission for

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