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Dear Colleagues from Around-the-World:

I have been emotionally disturbed this past week by the display of racism and police brutality in the USA. The conflicts in most American cities brought vivid memories of 1967 & 1968 when I was involved in the civil rights movement and faced racist police who did all they could

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Presence… An essential element of Relationship

I was involved in a dialogue today about my idea of Presence.
When I use the term "Presence" I am referring to the intense internal awareness of the psychotherapist with his or her own body sensations, affect, thought processes, desires and dislikes; these constitute an acute awareness of Self.

Simultaneously, presence involves a moment-by-moment non-judgemental

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Do you want a Zoom client?

Hi Colleagues:

I am writing for a young man who wants to work with an Integrative Psychotherapist by Skype or Zoom. He is stuck in India because of the CoronaVirus. Here is a brief give a brief description about his situation and what he is experiencing.
"I am a masters student completing my first year

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Please Help with Dissertation Research

Dear Members:

I am posting this note for Patty Wilson. Patty says,

I am currently completing my fourth year at Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in Nottingham and am aiming to complete my MSc Research dissertation this June.
My title is ‘What is the Integrative Psychotherapists experience of parenting a child diagnosed with a disability during childhood’.

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Postponing the 2021 London Conference

Dear IIPA members,

In light of the current pandemic, and future uncertainty of the worldwide impact of Covid19, the Board of Trustees of IIPA voted in March 2020 to postpone the 2021 London conference for one whole year.  Although we reached this decision with regret and sadness, this is the most prudent way to protect

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Pepe is in the hospital

One of our esteemed members from Spain, José Manuel Martínez, better know as Pepe is sick in the hospital with CoronaVirus phenomena. His wife Blanca was also hospitalized but she is now recuperating at home. Pepe responded to my e-mail with, , "I stay here fighting for life. Thank you for your love".


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