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Soy psicóloga, psicodramatista y Psicoterapeuta Integrativa Certificada en Vichy. Miembro del Seminario de Desarrollo profesional en Bilbao. Trabajo en Bilbao con adolescentes, adultos y familias, tanto en el ámbito clínico como comunitario. I´m a psychologist, psychodramatist, and Certified Integrative Psychotherapist in Vichy. Member of the Professional Development Seminar in Bilbao. I work in Bilbao with adolescents, adults, and families, in both clinical and community fields.

Italian volunteer to translate IIPA web

We need an italian volunteer to translate (brush up) some content on the IIPA web that is not accurately translated into italian.

It is a one time task.

Please, contact Angela Pérez (angelaburgos@gmail.com) or Yarima Etxeberria (yarimaetxeberria@gmail.com) for details.

We sure appreciate it! (and the whole community!)

Yarima Etxeberria (website coordinator) Angela Pérez (translation coordinator)

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I do not have many words because I am shocked; I imagine that although we have lived this before, in other places (for some of you, in your city), this time has caught me closer and I have been more horrified. It scares me and it saddens me to think that some of

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I just saw a movie that I would like to recommend you. I have related it to many of the comments you wrote on the blog during the previous weeks, referring to the last elections in the United States and the extremist political movements around the world.

It’s based on a novel by

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Recuerdos de Bilbao

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Dear colleagues,
If you want to have wonderful fond memories, visit the "Previous Conferences" section on our website. You will find new photos of our last Conference in Bilbao.
Thank you very much to all who have collaborated by sending images for this album.


Angela, Mar & Yarima




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Queridas y queridos colegas,

Si queréis pasar un

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Dear colleagues,

I have been working this afternoon with a 37-year woman who was mourning the sudden death of his father. I got touched when perceiving the loving and close relationship they had; and that has made me think about my significant past and current relationships, about the people who have impacted

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