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Web updates

Due to various updates necessary for the proper functioning of our website, for a few days you may have difficulties accessing through your user.
Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope to resolve it as soon as possible. Regards,


Debido a varias actualizaciones necesarias para el buen funcionamiento de nuestra web, durante unos días quizás tengáis dificultades

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Problems solved!

The technical problems with the blog comments are already solved!
You can continue to share your reactions, comments and contributions to the writings on the blog. Go on!


Los problemas técnicos con los comentarios del blog ya están solucionados!

Podéis seguir compartiendo vuestras reacciones, comentarios y aportaciones a los escritos en el blog. Adelante!


Les problèmes techniques

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Technical issues with comments in IIPA Blog

We have technical difficulties regarding the publication of the comments in IIPA Blog.  Please, do not write comments until further news. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Tenemos dificultades técnicas en la publicación de los comentarios en el Blog de IIPA. Por favor, no escribáis comentarios hasta que podamos resolverlo; anunciaremos cuando esté solucionado. Disculpad las molestias.


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Attention: Richard’s last post, now ok!

Dear IIPA members,

in the post that Richard wrote yesterday about "Some thoughts on Hope in the Therapeutic Dialogue", by mistake, I published the same article was published the previous week ("Compassion in the Therapeutic Dialogue").

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Now, you can read both the first and the second part of this

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A great workshop on group relational process

Hi IIPA fellows,

Last week I participated in a workshop with Richard, in which we worked on group relational psychotherapy. For me it has been theoretically very enriching and informative and, on a personal level, I have been able to experience the relational group healing.

Thanks Richard, thanks Amaia and thanks to all my colleagues

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On behalf of Richard Erskine

Dear colleagues:

It is time to submit your proposals for workshops or case discussion groups at IIPA’s 2019 Conference that will be held in Montpellier, France, March 18 to 23.  The Educational portion of the program will be held on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, March 21, 22 & 23, 2019. In addition the Commission

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