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Dear Italian members!!!!!
We are in need for your help.
I am looking for volunteers to provide Italian translations for our IIPA documents, blog posts, CSC…
This task is very relevant since we are an International Association.
I know sometimes is hard to find time, but the more we are, the less workload to be done.
And there

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New article by Amaia and Richard

Amaia Mauriz-Etxabe and I have just published an article in Spanish. You can reed it here:

The citations for this article is: Erskine, R.G. y Mauriz-Etxabe, A. (2020). Inferencia, Re-experimentación y Regresión: Psicoterapia de los Estados Niño del Yo. Revista de Psicoterapia, 31(116), 205-226. v31i116.362

The English translation of the title is "Inference,

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Development of Relational Needs Satisfaction Scale

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to anounce that our first article on Relational needs satisfaction scale is finally published in high impact journal Frontiers in Psychology. I hope that the article will contribute to continuing research on relational needs and Erskine’s approach to integrative psychotherapy.

You can find the article here:

Warm regards,

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VE Day – 75 years A Reflective Poem

(The words for translation so everyone can access)

A poem I’ve written reflecting on VE Day

VE Day - 75 Years

VE Day today
Remembering a war
Where millions were killed
When they left their own shores

They fought an enemy who used guns and bombs
Killing so many soldiers
And destroying their homes

To defeat a Dictator
Destroying the world
To indoctrinate his ideology

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Do you want a Zoom client?

Hi Colleagues:

I am writing for a young man who wants to work with an Integrative Psychotherapist by Skype or Zoom. He is stuck in India because of the CoronaVirus. Here is a brief give a brief description about his situation and what he is experiencing.
"I am a masters student completing my first year

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Book Clearance Sale

The company Bookmark will be bringing a Bookstall to our conference in 2022.

They are obviously at present not being able to trade at conferences and other events, so are having a clearance sale for selected groups to sell off excess stock.  IIPA members can access this sale by using this link to Bookmark's

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Please Help with Dissertation Research

Dear Members:

I am posting this note for Patty Wilson. Patty says,

I am currently completing my fourth year at Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in Nottingham and am aiming to complete my MSc Research dissertation this June.
My title is ‘What is the Integrative Psychotherapists experience of parenting a child diagnosed with a disability during childhood’.

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Postponing the 2021 London Conference

Dear IIPA members,

In light of the current pandemic, and future uncertainty of the worldwide impact of Covid19, the Board of Trustees of IIPA voted in March 2020 to postpone the 2021 London conference for one whole year.  Although we reached this decision with regret and sadness, this is the most prudent way to protect

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