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Development of Relational Needs Satisfaction Scale

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to anounce that our first article on Relational needs satisfaction scale is finally published in high impact journal Frontiers in Psychology. I hope that the article will contribute to continuing research on relational needs and Erskine’s approach to integrative psychotherapy.

You can find the article here:

Warm regards,

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Dear Colleagues from Around-the-World:

I have been emotionally disturbed this past week by the display of racism and police brutality in the USA. The conflicts in most American cities brought vivid memories of 1967 & 1968 when I was involved in the civil rights movement and faced racist police who did all they could

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Presence… An essential element of Relationship

I was involved in a dialogue today about my idea of Presence.
When I use the term "Presence" I am referring to the intense internal awareness of the psychotherapist with his or her own body sensations, affect, thought processes, desires and dislikes; these constitute an acute awareness of Self.

Simultaneously, presence involves a moment-by-moment non-judgemental

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Conclusion to Compassion, Hope and Forgiveness

Compassion, hope, and forgiveness are central in a relationally-focused, integrative psychotherapy. These three areas of therapeutic involvement are frequently in my mind attention when I am carefully listening to my client’s narrative. I am continually monitoring my expressions of empathy and desire to be compassionate so that I am affectively attuned to the

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Agatha”s Hidden Hope: part 2 of a 3 part story

Agatha’s Hidden Hope

Over the next few weeks Agatha told me many of the details of how she had been “trapped in a disastrous marriage” with a husband who both physically and sexually abused her. She had finally gone through the arrangements for a divorce when her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Agatha

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