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To start a new post, click on Create Blog Post.  Please make sure you include a title and upload a photo you like to accompany your post. To respond to an existing post, click on the post on the homepage and then scroll to the bottom where you will see the form for Response. 

Editing your personal profile:
If you wish to add biographical information or add a photo of yourself that will appear every time you do a post, click on your name at the right at the top black bar, and chose Edit my Profile.  You also go there to change your password or edit your profile information.

Clinical Forum:
This section is for clinical reflections and case studies, postings for which you would like a dialogue with other members.

My Questions:
This section is for any kind of question you want to pose to other members. For example, does anyone know of a good therapist in Moscow? Or, Can anyone recommend a good book for a client on attachment?

Any kind of announcement or greeting that you want to make.  Some examples might be: messages from Board members, congratulating a member, announcing the birth of a child, workshops of interest, and your publications.

One of the ideas behind the blog is to have much more translation than we had on the Process Journal so that all members will feel included and inspired to participate. However we can only do as much translation as we have volunteer hours for it. So if you would like to volunteer, please contact John Hallett at:

At this point we do not have the capability to upload videos.

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