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Dear Colleagues from Around-the-World:

I have been emotionally disturbed this past week by the display of racism and police brutality in the USA. The conflicts in most American cities brought vivid memories of 1967 & 1968 when I was involved in the civil rights movement and faced racist police who did all they could to stop the peaceful protests. I am prompted to write to all of you after reading a short article by Scott Woods where he says, “The problem is that white people see racism as conscious hate, when

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Presence… An essential element of Relationship

I was involved in a dialogue today about my idea of Presence.
When I use the term "Presence" I am referring to the intense internal awareness of the psychotherapist with his or her own body sensations, affect, thought processes, desires and dislikes; these constitute an acute awareness of Self.

Simultaneously, presence involves a moment-by-moment non-judgemental awareness of what the client is doing, how they are conceptualizing their own experience, the existence or absence of the client's physiological tension, how they process affect, and their style of interpersonal contact; this is all paired

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VE Day – 75 years A Reflective Poem

(The words for translation so everyone can access)

A poem I’ve written reflecting on VE Day

VE Day - 75 Years

VE Day today
Remembering a war
Where millions were killed
When they left their own shores

They fought an enemy who used guns and bombs
Killing so many soldiers
And destroying their homes

To defeat a Dictator
Destroying the world
To indoctrinate his ideology
That was insanely absurd

Our allies united against a common foe
Stood shoulder to shoulder
When their spirits were low

Women worked in the fields
The Land Army fed the nation
They worked in munitions
Without any hesitation

Mum’s looked after their children
They used the food

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Do you want a Zoom client?

Hi Colleagues:

I am writing for a young man who wants to work with an Integrative Psychotherapist by Skype or Zoom. He is stuck in India because of the CoronaVirus. Here is a brief give a brief description about his situation and what he is experiencing.
"I am a masters student completing my first year at Humboldt University for their global studies program. I am currently In Jawaharlal Nehru University completing my exchange semester here. I stayed back with 4 other students as the remaining 26 went back home. I am staying

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Book Clearance Sale

The company Bookmark will be bringing a Bookstall to our conference in 2022.

They are obviously at present not being able to trade at conferences and other events, so are having a clearance sale for selected groups to sell off excess stock.  IIPA members can access this sale by using this link to Bookmark's website CLEARANCE SALE and using the code IIPA2020 at the checkout to receive an extra 10% off the already reduced prices shown on the site.

Bookmark offer free worldwide delivery and payment can be made using a number of

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