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Lily Wessel

Hello dear readers, I’m honoured to be the first Member of the Month of 2019!

I am Lily Wessel, living in the south-east of France. I am originally from Holland. I came to live permanently in France in 1984, after many visits and some longer stays.

I certified in 2013 as an International Integrative Psychotherapist and have been in the process of being certified as a Trainer and Supervisor since 2016

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Muzaffer Sahin

I was born on 20th April in 1955. Although my mother did not have a professional education, people would consult her to solve their problems. She would help them find a solution. I started to play an active role in solving problems from a young age. Honesty was the most important principle for me.

In my high school years, biology and psychology courses were my favorite subjects. I had a bachelor's degree in psychology field, and I started working. The love of learning within me has never ended. Then, I obtained

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Bibiana Martin Corcuera

I graduated in Psychology from the Deusto University, in 1987.

I completed the Master of Mental Health and Psychotherapeutic Techniques by the OMIE Foundation and the Deusto University, in 1994.

In 2003 I received the Official Degree of Psychologist Specialist in Clinical Psychology from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

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Maša Žvelc

Maša Žvelc, PhD, is an integrative psychotherapist and international integrative psychotherapy trainer and supervisor (IIPA). In 1998 she graduated in psychology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; in 2004 she completed a scientific master’s degree in clinical psychology and in 2017 she completed a scientific doctorate study in psychology. For her doctorate study she was researching helping and hindering factors in psychotherapy supervision.

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